event starts
with MyTicky.

MyTicky is the beating heart of dance music events,

and it’s easy to see why. Buy smart tickets, find

events from the artists you love, unlock

exclusive rewards. Only on MyTicky.

Powered by blockchain

Smart ticketing changes everything

MyTicky uses the blockchain to change ticketing for the better. There’s no way to fake our tickets, and scalpers can’t resell them for a profit.

That’s a win for artists, organizers, and party goers worldwide, and that’s just for starters.

Lifelong collectables

MyTicky is
more than just ticketing

Each smart ticket doubles as an fully digital, so with used tickets becoming brand new artworks.

Get a digital memento from every event, holding lifelong memories in the MyTicky app.

One simple platform

Getting started

There’s nothing technical about MyTicky. Find your favorite events, pay in your preferred currency, then scan your smartphone at the door. Can’t make it on the day? No worries.

You can sell your ticket in just a few clicks, all through the MyTicky smartphone app.

For the love of music

Living and breathing dance music for over two decades

Our founders have been in the music industry for over two decades, leading one of the world’s top electronic music media brands — and we’ve been on a mission to celebrate music, in all forms, ever since.

Who’s is MyTicky for?

Music fans and event organizers, rejoice. MyTicky is here to revolutionize the entire event experience.

For music

MyTicky gives regulars at events, club nights, and festivals a simple way to buy tickets without the risk of buying a fake.

We also use the blockchain to save you money, unlock unique rewards, and deliver exclusive experiences unavailable anywhere else.

For event

MyTicky makes it easy for organizers to set up and manage events at any scale, from club nights to week-long festivals.

Our platform handles everything from ticket sales to on-site scanning, even on-site payments thanks to our experienced payments partner.

Why you’ll love MyTicky

Organizer friendly

Sell tickets to events of all sizes. Low fees, instant payouts, only on MyTicky.

Fan friendly

Buy tickets in your local currency, hold them in the MyTicky app.

Mobile tickets

Nothing to print. MyTicky offers a full mobile ticketing experience.

Impossible to fake

There’s no way to fake our tickets. When you buy one, you’ll always get in.

Lifelong collectibles

Each ticket is a fully digital and which you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Unique perks

VIP upgrades, signed merch, and more, only from MyTicky partners.

What makes
MyTicky unique?

Come for the tickets, stay for the collectibles. You could even finance your favorite event (one day 😉).

MyTicky offers more than tickets to club nights, gigs, and festivals. Find out which DJ your friends are seeing tonight, watch your ticket become an artwork, you could even crowdfund your favorite event.

Event discovery
Find nearby events, search ‘by artist’ — or link your MyTicky profile to your socials and see your friends upcoming gigs.

Collaborative artworks
Watch your ticket evolve into a digital artwork, with organizers and artists curating exclusive collabs you can save as a digital keepsake in the MyTicky app.

Crowd Financing
As blockchain natives, we want MyTicky to do it all. That’s why we’re exploring crowdfunding innovations that could one day let you finance your favorite event.

Launch: Secure Ticketing

- Events discovery
- Blockchain-enabled ticketing
- DJ collaborations

Phase 2: Smart Integrations

- Blockchain-secured tickets
- MyTicky marketplace
- The MyTicky DJ Index

Phase 3: Crowd Financing

- P2P event financing
- Event-specific payments
- MyTicky wristbands

What’s next for Ticky?

Q2 - 2023
> Concept launch
> Waitlist goes live

Q3 - 2023
> MyTicky Beta
> Big partnership reveal
> Official launch party (proof of concept)

Q4 - 2023
> $TKY launch
> MyTicky app release
> Events calendar reveal for 2024

> Royal.io integration
> Event financing integrations
> Global events (Miami, Ibiza, Amsterdam, and more)